Facebook lets you publish your life (one-to-many)

This is a game changer. Past week Facebook (more specifically Mark Zuckerberg himself) has made it possible to subscribe to (his) public updates. To fully understand the importance of this additional functionality I’m going back in time 2 years.

In 2009 I was asked to sketch the social & digital evolutions towards 2015 at the biggest online marketing event in Belgium (digital marketing first). At that point, I had mapped all social networks in quadrants based on the 4 archetypes of relationships. I envisioned that Facebook was going to evolve to the center of all relationshiptypes (just like all mature networks do).

facebook subscribe to public updates

Until now Facebook mainly acted as a social network with symmetric relationships, ie. you could only see someone’s updates if you mutually connected -in contrary to Twitter where you can follow people who aren’t following you = asymmetric relationships. This is what I labeled NETWORKING or one-to-one. The newsfeed is about GATHERING or many-to-one.

So as from today Facebook is also playing in the PUBLISHING field or the one-to-many. It was Joshua Porter who pointed this out at the time, and he also explained why this will serve ideas getting spread ; “this will allow members of Facebook to have a much larger reach than they could before…”. When the most powerful social network worldwide makes this kind of decision it is definitely increasing the potential of we-novation.

These are just very exciting times for social evolution. Now get people to subscribe to your innovative ideas.

(See my Emakina2015 presentation and my blogpost on the difference between Twitter and Facebook)


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