Social proof matters … at least for some

August 23, 2011

Social proof matters … as Seth Godin explains, but not for everybody.
For those first people in the audience standing up to offer an ovation, social proof is irrelevant.

They are touched in such a manner, that they want to show their appreciation, irrespective of what the rest of the audience is thinking.
They are driven by passion, not by social feedback.

The most passionate clear the path for those more susceptible for the expectations of others.

It’s how the SAM (social adoption mechanism) works.


Thank you Derek Sivers … best explanation of SAM (Social Adoption Mechanism) ever

August 5, 2011

For those who have not: look at this cute presentation by Derek Sivers on ‘the start of a movement’:

It shows how both typologies (innovator and gatekeeper) are crucial in introducing a new ‘idea’ to a group. The crazy dude (typical innovator) is just doing his thing, ignoring the group’s expectations. He is driven by nothing but his own amusement.

The second guy (typical gatekeeper), seeing the social potential, copies the crazy guy’s dance, and engages his friends to join.

The little movie perfectly explains the Social Adoption Mechanism (SAM), the diverse motivations and functions of each cog in the mechanism. So thank you Derek Sivers for looking attentively at this movie and explaining it with so much enthusiasm. Damn right I will use this in my future presentations about the topic.