Communicating with the SAM (Social Adoption Mechanism)

December 12, 2010

Communicating with the SAM (Social Adoption Mechanism) is not about reaching as many individuals as you can = the only law in the media landscape I know.

Lessons from social psychology show us how we can efficiently communicate with the SAM by incorporating some subtle rules.

When you want to talk to your innovators

  1. identifying and localising your innovators = your innovator channel
  2. don’t invade their private space … show respect and be honest about who you are
  3. let your expert people bring the message … they speak the same language (get your marketing boys/girls outta there!)
  4. the message is expert level … focus on technical details, authenticity, …
  5. they like passion about the product and expertise … show some
  6. don’t pamper or reward them … this is what they choose to talk about
  7. listen to feedback on your message
  8. use snowball sampling to reach more innovators of your category

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SAM explained: when Rogers meets Social Psychology

December 12, 2010

The SAM (Social Adoption Mechanism) is a mix of Rogers’ diffusion of innovations and social psychology.

Rogers starts from the individual, he identifies innovators, opinion leaders, early marjority, etc. and describes why and when each of them adopts.

SAM changes this perspective and considers the group, the tribe, the social context as the unit that innovates. All of Rogers’  types are mere cogs that allow the SAM to innovate efficiently. It might be less intuitive, because we think as individuals, but once you’ve looked at innovations from the SAM perspective, it may shed a different light on how you approach your consumers.

Applying the SAM to your ideation funnel

December 9, 2010

So you think co-creating is a good idea, but let me ask you a question:

Do you want your opinion leaders to define your product functionalities? Do you want your product geeks to define your product design?

I guess not. Sure, co-creating is a wonderful thing, but be careful who you co-create with in each step of the process.

Identify innovators, people who use your product for a specific purpose, and upgrade your product with them. Identify opinion leaders, generalists, and work with them so this new upgrade will get socially desirable.

The efficiency of your ideation funnel will be so much higher if you incorporate these simple lessons.

Good luck … or don’t leave the future of your product to luck and have a healthy chat with wenovate!