The Sociometer: why do we innovate?

May 30, 2010

Imagine noone would feel hurt if embarrassed in public, noone would feel insulted when called names, noone would feel lonely when left behind by a loved one … would the world not be a better place? Would we not reside in a painless, brave new world?

In such a world, would you still have a motivation to learn to cook or follow that course Spanish? Would you go running twice a week to stay in shape? Would you work until late at night to finish that latest software you’re so passionate about? Would this world still innovate?

My guess is it would’nt …

It haunts you day and night. It urges you to change that world. It won’t allow you to be lazy. That, my dear friends, is your Sociometer calling you to be your best innovative self today. Answerring it will make you feel better, so no more excuses 🙂