SAM: another perspective on innovation

The SAM (Social Adoption Mechanism) is a mix of Rogers’ adoption curve and social psychology.

Rogers starts from the individual, he identifies innovators, opinion leaders, early marjority, etc. and describes why and when each of them adopts.

SAM changes this perspective and considers the group, the tribe, the social context as the unit that innovates. All of Rogers’  types are mere cogs that allow the SAM to innovate efficiently. It might be less intuitive, because we think as individuals, but once you’ve looked at innovations from the SAM perspective, it may shed a different light on how you approach your consumers.

Welcome to wenovate … a blog where social psychology meets clever marketing.

Michel and Ruben


4 Responses to SAM: another perspective on innovation

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  2. […] of each of the diverse players of the team, the same goal will be reached far more efficiently. The SAM (social adoption mechanism) helps us to understand how such a team of players/consumers collaborates, following the rules of […]

  3. […] (actually, the first form of WOM must have been sound-of-mouth or gesture-by-hand ) and the SAM (social adoption mechanism). Spear B was the perfect answer to a changing environment and consequently an emerging need within […]

  4. […] It’s how the SAM (social adoption mechanism) works. […]

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